Abay Modular Partition Systems

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ABAY YAPI SISTEMLERI has been established to meet the 21st centuries architecthural trends and needs. Its uniqe and high quality systems offers elegant and functional workspaces.

Abay products are sustainable and have a various kinds of solutions.

Projection, detail solving, fast installation and best delivery time guarantied by ABAY.


Quality is not only a target, but a life style.

Essential partner of your creations


The Access to Success: Being Creative and Improver.

To produce flexible, Easy to install and modular systems according to the actual designs and needs

To use our human resource in an efficient way in order to offer research, training and development opportunities.


Check out our catalog for modular partition systems.

If you want your modular partitions provide functionality and aesthetics..

The Power of Ultimate Production

The registrated trademarks EXELINE™ Modular Partition Wall Systems and ALUFRAM™ Aluminium Doors are produced at ABAY YAPI SISTEMLERI plant according to the standarts of TS:EN ISO 9001 quality management system

Our suppliers are the most important strenght for us after our clients.

ABAY YAPI SİSTEMLERİ is in a particular cooperation with ASAŞ ALUMİNYUM and YILDIZ CAM Companies whose production quality are accepted by the world.